How to Fit

Clarks Measure and fit at homeEnsure you fit your child's shoes correctly with our Clarks shoe fitting guide, once you've found the perfect fit through our Kids Fitting gauges then click here to start shopping our Clarks Kids range.

How to fit your Clarks shoes
Nobody knows more than Clarks about the importance of properly fitting kids’ shoes.

The following video demonstration and step-by-step instructions will enable you to carry out a basic fit test at home.

Please review them carefully before checking the fit of your child’s Clarks shoes and allow plenty of time to carry out the check.
A step-by-step guide to fitting your Clarks shoes
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It’s important to use the correct technique for putting on and fastening shoes. This can change depending on the fastening.

Velcro, Laces and Buckles
The fastenings need to be open so the shoes can be put on easily. Using a twisting action put the shoe on the foot with the child sitting down. Ensure the foot is in the back of the shoe, especially if the collar is padded and fasten it to keep the foot in position.
The child can stand before fastening.

•  If the shoe has a buckle fastening, one hole should be left on either side of the buckle
•  If it is a Velcro fastening, 80% of the hook and loop surfaces should be in contact
•  If the shoe is fastened using laces, when tightened a 6mm gap should remain between the eyelets

Crawlers & Cruisers
Open the fastening so the shoes can be put on easily. Some styles have a heel loop, slide your finger through it and pull the shoe on the foot. Ensure the foot is in the back of the shoe, especially if the collar is padded. Fasten the shoes (check Cruisers again when standing).

Elasticated Laces
Open the fastening bar and put one finger through the heel loop. Put your thumb or fingers in the instep area and pull open the shoe. Place the shoe on the floor and ask the child to push their foot into the shoe.

High Leg Zip Boot
Fully open the zip and place the boot on the floor. Ask the child to stand and push their foot into the boot. Zip up the boot.

Loafers – Unique Fastening
Open both the fastening straps and put the shoe on the foot. Stand the child up and fasten the under strap to grip the foot and fasten the top strap.