About Brantano

The Brantano Story So Far….

Here at Brantano we’ve been passionate about footwear for over 60 years! It’s a little known fact but Brantano started life in 1953 as a family run business in Lede, East Flanders specialising in making Ladies shoes. A small factory shop was later opened and the foundations of the Brantano chain of shoe shops began.

Today it’s a name that people will recognise across many West European countries including The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

But it wasn’t until 1998 that Brantano hit British shores. With the purchase of 47 Shoe City stores the foundations for our now extensive network of shoe shops across England, Scotland and Wales were laid.

Since then we’ve been passionate about making sure that we have great relationships with all the best brands our family customers want to shop, including Skechers, Rieker, Vans, Nike and Adidas.

It means we are committed to training all of our staff to expertly fit kids shoes for free whether they are Clarks, Hush Puppies or Start Rite, with no need to book – and is why we continue to offer an incredible range of kids products across a variety of prices to suit every type of family.

And finally, it means that we are dedicated to creating a shoe shopping environment for the whole family that is easy and convenient – the way shoe shopping should be! Shoes are out in pairs so they can be tried on easily, arranged by size so everything can be seen that’s available and in nice spacious environments it’s easy to try on.

When times have been tough, Brantano has had to be swift to adapt and change, that’s why today you might be just as likely to find us on an out of town retail park as you are in a garden centre, a Co-Op or a department store. We listen to our customer’s needs and demands and aim to be adaptable to serve those needs. The one thing that you can be sure of in the future is that we will continue to ensure we are finding the most appropriate ways for our customers to be shopping the footwear brands they love.